Rent a Jet Ski in Rhodes Island, run on maximum speed and ride the waves at Tsampika Beach!

If you’re looking for an amazing and refreshing way to enjoy your summer in rhodes island, rent a powerful    Sea Doo Jet Ski 130hp, 150hp or 170hp for 1 or 2 passengers & test your skills !!!

Drive on max, jump the waves at high speed, slide, & try to hold on! 

Visit us at the right end of tsampika beach in Rhodes,        rent a jet ski & and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Jet ski rentals are a great way to enjoy your summer in Rhodes to the fullest without breaking your budget.

Anyone who finds the water and speed thrilling will definitely enjoy this activity, so get ready for a Jet Ski Rhodes experience.

Rent a jet ski in rhodes island is a must watersport this summer!

The Flyboard in rhodes allows you to experience controlled flight until 20 meters!


The Flyboard allows you to experience controlled flight        until 20 meters! 

In Rhodes island you can make one of your dream comes true as you have the chance to fly like Iron Man or even swim like a dolphin in a safe and controllable environment. 

The flyboard in rhodes is the latest craze watersport so get ready to experience the amazing sensations of rising high above the water and doing tricks.

Rent a Flyboard one of the most fun and unique watersport in Rhodes Island at the right end of tsampika beach, & be one of the few to experience the flyboarding.

Choose to fly with the flyboard for endless fun. 

Strong swimming skills required! 


Test your skills and drive Jet Ski.
our jet skis are top-quality SEADOO with a powerful 1500cc 130hp BRP engine.

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Fly like a bird and swim like a dolphin all in one experience!
Be one of the few in Rhodes to experience the latest craze that is flyboarding

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Join us for a guided low speed trip with the jet skis and discover the secret gems of Rhodes island
Note that this is a guided tour!!! For maximum speed please choose normal Jet Ski rental.

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The biggest inflatables in Rhodes island! Variety of games for all ages & lot of fun.
Come, play with us & create unforgettable memories with your family at Bloom water park !!!

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TAKE A LOOK AT OUR waterpark

And who doesn’t like inflatables ? Especially now that the temperature strikes red in rhodes island…
What would you say, however, to get away from the ordinary and to live a unique experience that will remain unforgettable for many years ?

Visit our water park in rhodes island now and play like a child

We are expecting you to create together unforgettable memories at Bloom water park at the right end of tsampika beach ini rhodes island !!!

Our inflatables are suitable for all ages !


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Hear from our clients

Come at the right end of tsampika beach !
Enjoy a place with perfect conditions and our professional team.

Nice beach, not crowded, parking near location. Today was windy, but there was only small waves in the bay.
Machines worked flawless during the 30 minutes.

Thomas Nicklasson

Irini and Efraim were super helpful and kind with me.
I was super scared but they guided me through and helped fly in the air with fly board. It's super fun and a great experience that is not available elsewhere!!!

Benjamin Hanna

Best Jet Ski ever, the owners & the workers are amazing as well!!
if your looking for a jet ski, come to this place, tried the others on the island were not as good as this one. thanks for the memories!!

Kevin Ergin

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