Q & A

The driver has to be up to 17 years old. As a passenger there is no minimum age.
Normally the driver must have specific driver license for boat, but if it doesn’t exist you can hire one by following our safety rules.
Jet skis can reach top speeds of about 80-90 klms/hour. It’s really fast !
Make sure you bring with you a sea towel, a suncream, and your swimwear so you can enjoy without worries the sun and sea.

The price is per jet ski not per person so if a child sit with an adult you will not pay extra.

Yes we have some instructions that you have to follow but you will have big area about 1.5km to enjoy the speed of jet ski. Note that jet skis cannot drive in the same area. Each jet ski has its own area

No, it is prohibited by the port authority. you have to drive strictly in different areas.
No you must drive in front of us in specific area according the Hellenic coast guard.
Yes, there will be general instruction provided and if you are scared one instructor can sit with you on a jet ski!
Yes of course, but make sure it’s waterproof. Please bear in mind that It is your responsibility to keep it safe.
No. Life jackets are provided free of charge.
If you turn upside down the jet ski and automatically you have to pay penalty fee and the cost is 50euros. So, you have to be sure that you understand the safety rules and drive with safety for you and swimmers
The maximum weight is 190kg per jet ski

All of our staff hold professional Internationally recognized qualifications and receive regular training and updates in Health and Safety practices and policies.
Your safety means your enjoyment and each and every person receives the same level of care and attention to guarantee you enjoy and feel safe at all times.

Safety Is Our Priority!
Our jet skis are top quality, equipped with a powerful Sea Doo GTI 130hp or 150hp or 170hp 1500 cc motor engine. Although lots of power, it’s 100% safe, even for not experienced drivers.
Driving a jet ski is easier than driving a regular scooter, and all of our jet ski’s have remote control system ensuring that everything runs smoothly.